Group Buying Sales!

Jun 16, 19
Group Buying Sales!

1 Find the item you want in this section.
2 Find your friends to build a buying group, help them find the item they want.
3 Let us know what's your buying group is buying, get discount coupon code.
4 Place orders as individual buyer with the coupon code.
5 After we receive each payment from all members of your buying group, We'll ship out the items.
Please Note: One item for each group member only.

Group Size     Percent Off
1 member       3%
2 members     6%
3 members     9%
4 members     12%
5 members     15%
6 members     18%
7 members     21%
8 members     24%
9 members     27%
10 members   30%

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  • Order never came in. Says delivered fedex wont refund my money no one at nt fairings anwsers the phone they dont contact u back. I got fucked for 500$ fuck NT fairings yall scamming mfs.

    - Cody Lee Smith posted Oct 21, 2020

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