Valuable Reviews and FeedBack from Customers

Jul 09, 20
Valuable Reviews and FeedBack from Customers

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  • I’d like to say that every order I have placed has been spot on. Been here within 3 days, and absolutely nothing wrong with the product. I’ve even ordered the wrong fairings and i simply made a call and boom, problem solved. I will never buy plastics from any other company. I am 100% satisfied, and will continue to do business with Henry anytime and every time I need Fairings. Thanks Henry!

    - Bill Bell posted Oct 08, 2020
  • I’m just trying to get some information on my order, number 2519.
    I ordered a fairing set and bolt kit and was told they would be in the US around oct 4th and then shipped directly to me. I ordered about three weeks ago, just trying to see what’s going on because I still haven’t received a tracking number or anything. :/ Just would like an idea on when to expect my fairings.

    - Nicholas c daugherty posted Oct 08, 2020
  • I ordered on eBay in July. I got the parts, and they were incorrect. I notified you right away and sent the photos complained to the ebay listing. You said you would send out new parts. When I asked again for an update, you said they would be sent out around July 17th. I waited and never got back the parts. I contacted you again. You be said v you would look into it. You refer to the original tracking number. Now, you have never sent the replacement parts as you promised. What’s going on?

    - Mary E Ehr posted Oct 05, 2020
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    - UDAiljvOCQV posted Sep 30, 2020
  • I’m NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER. I placed my order back on 7/31 and haven’t heard a word since, it’s now 9/30 (2mths). The COMMUNICATION with this company is beyond HORRIBLE. Emails/Text/Calls/Message ALL go unresponded to. You certainly took my money with the quickness though. I want my Fairings/Bolt Kit now. WHERE’S MY ORDER!!!!!!!

    - Sherri Oliver posted Sep 30, 2020
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    - eNWADGkslVTQj posted Sep 26, 2020
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    - YpwiXquQDL posted Sep 26, 2020
  • I’m not happy at all I can’t get any information about my order and seems to be impossible to contact anybody!! Ordered my fairings and hardware a week ago and can not get ahold of anyone!! No tracking information at all!!

    - Shane VanDame posted Aug 22, 2020
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    - XtjLvZliQBnTw posted Aug 07, 2020
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